Day of Details

Academic Attire

If you plan to attend the Michigan Engineering Graduation Ceremony, academic attire is required. Guidelines may be found here.

Student Entry

Students are asked to enter Crisler Center through the north tunnel entrance which is located on the north side of Crisler Center, adjacent to the Michigan Stadium. Students should proceed to their department seating on the main floor where they will find a name reader card on their chair. The card is to be filled out before coming to the stage for recognition.

Map of umich stadiums
Service entry to Crisler

Ceremony Details

Upon arrival, please sit within your department, which will be clearly labeled. Student ushers and university staff will be on the Crisler floor to help guide students to their designated seating areas. At your seat, you will have a name card and pencil. It is important that you clearly write your name and bring this card with you to the stage as it will be read during the conferral of degrees.


We ask that you refrain from selfies as you walk across the stage during the conferral of degrees, not only in the interest of time but to maintain a sense of decorum.

Students are encouraged to take photos pre & post ceremony.

Graduates taking a selfie
Selfies are OK– just not up on stage! Be respectful to your fellow graduate – plan to stay until everyone has had their moment in the spotlight.